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Ed Sheeran is one of the top-selling stars on this year’s Billboard hot tour charts. That means you need to buy tickets at your earliest convenience. The good seats go fast, and if you want to enjoy the show as much as possible, you need a decent seat.

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We constantly update the site to make sure we have every date he currently has on schedule. You can simply look below and purchase the ticket to a show of your choice. Don’t delay, as many shows have already sold out.

The X tour is on fire

Ed Sheeran has been playing sold-out shows across every continent throughout the world. He’s even had to go back to certain cities and countries, because the first time he came around the was even close to being able to satisfy the demand for his concerts. An example of this just this year is in Australia. He’s already played some shows over there earlier in the year, but so many Australian fans want to see him, he’s been forced to go back in place several more shows in the already sold out!

The fact of the matter is his tickets sell out as soon as he announces a show in the ticket gate opens. Fans line up around the block, and are waiting up all night online just to get the chance to be able to purchase a couple tickets. The shows truly are all sold out now. You have to buy tickets from a third-party in order to see him live.

The stadiums fill up every time!

Every one of his venues has at least 10,000 people in attendance. He’s one of the only artists currently on tour that is playing Stadium shows all by themselves. That’s quite an accomplishment considering he was just opening for Taylor Swift a year or two ago. He went from being an opening act to playing stadiums as a headliner. Don’t see that too much these days. I just goes to show the star power that this musician really has.

He is touring in support of his new album called X, you don’t say it like the letter in the alphabet, you say it like multiply. He’s playing songs from his new album and his first professional album, as well as songs from albums that he released when he was not famous star. So you will get a chance to hear all your old favorites along with some of the newer tracks.

Shows north of the border

Ed Sheeran is currently in Canada. He’s going to be playing several shows there before making his way back down to the USA. If you are living in Ottawa, London, Toronto, or MontrĂ©al, you’ll have a chance to see Ed play live in your city. Once he’s done up in Canada his first show in the USA will be in Des Moines. After that will be playing some of the biggest cities in venues in America. Places like Portland Oregon, and Los Angeles California.

All systems go!

For the fans who are natives of Ed’s hometown, he’s not planning to leave you out in the cold. He’s also got shows scheduled for Ireland and England. He’s going to be playing many shows in London at the Wembley Stadium.

This is going to be the largest venue that he’s played on his own to date.

After he’s done in his home country, he’ll be doing a second leg in both North America and in the previously mentioned Australia. This is truly a global.

Special treats for the fans

One thing that Ed likes to do that’s quite unique amongst musicians playing live concerts is his fan interaction. Every show he plays he likes to take pictures with the crowd and post them on his social media sites. He also loves it when his fans sing along with his songs. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that if you see him in person. In fact, he does his best to make sure that his fans can’t even talk the next day they have such a great time singing with him at his show!

A very stripped-down kind of show

Ed is also very light when it comes to production values. If you’re not going to see pyrotechnics are all kinds of super crazy modern lighting at these shows. It’s a more intimate and one-on-one type of affair. There’s no big production. You’re just going to see Sheeran along with a few microphones, is loop pedal system, and his guitar. What other artist can sell out stadiums like that?

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