Act essay: grasping a worthy writing technique

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Act essay: what is it?

Obviously, it’s a relatively short writing assignment. Thelearner gets no more than 40 minutes to have it completed. Thistime will pass in a flash especially if you don’t have aneffective method of handling it at hand. Unlike other types ofessays this requires an extremely specific approach. The verypurpose of this guide is to teach you what you need to do withinthis concise 40-minute period. First of all, we’ll four basicelements of act writing:

4 crucial elements of act writing explained

You don’t need to be aware of the facts

Act essay writing suggests that you’re free to utilize anyinformation to back your point. So, you can use any fact, wearen’t kidding. However, if you are aware of the real facts, it’sfantastic, although it’s not required.

It might sound crazy, but you’re even welcome to write aboutinsane stuff, such as how Nazi Germany became a World War IIwinner. The ACT graders aren’t going to have your penalized forthis, really. Are you surprised?

Evidently, ACT doesn't have the necessary resources to conductfact-checking on every essay. Considering more than a millionlearners taking the test annually graders don’t have more than acouple of minutes to put a score from 1 to 6 to each of the fouressay scoring domains. They really don’t care whether MartinLuther King came to this world in 1925 or 1929. Instead, theirscoring makes use of a much simpler rule – they just take all ofthe author’s statements for granted. The crucial point is thatthe evidence should underpin your thesis.

As you might have already guessed, ACT in fact doesn’t want folksto be aware of it, as it would make the very idea of this type ofessay sound foolish.

If you don’t have many examples to have your point backed, yourequire making up something realistic-sounding just to use inyour essay. For instance, you might pretend a politician oncetold something he or she actually didn’t. As you’ve just learnt,ACT won’t check it. At least, it would be much better thanvigorously trying to generate a paragraph without solid evidence.

You need to write more than one page

That’s one of the most crucial ACT writing tips. Obviously,there’s a firm relationship between score and essay length. Witha longer essay you can count on the better score. With a shortlength it’s almost unreal to have your points developed properlyto grasp decent score.

Writing a page and a half is what you should do in spite of thefact ACT has never confessed that length matters in theirscoring. Sure, we know it does. If you’re capable of creatingmore than one page and a half you’ll drastically improve yourchance of being favored by the graders.

Your conclusion and first paragraph are more crucial than themiddle

As a matter of fact, the conclusion and introduction appear to bethe very cornerstone of the paper – they hold this stufftogether. Moreover, they’re guaranteed to be studied more closelythan the rest of the paper.

ACT graders have to view tons of essays rapidly. As usual, theygive most of papers a four or three in every domain. Perhaps, thefastest way for the graders to score a paper is to spot thethesis and then look through the first and final paragraphs.Well, they just think that if the learner’s conclusion andintroduction paragraphs are perfectly written and quite logical,then the rest of the paper will be good as well. By simplyreading these parts, ACT graders already know what the score theauthor deserves. Of course, they briefly view the middle just toensure it makes sense. However, they aren’t going to read everyword attentively.

However, if you don’t have enough time to write a properconclusion or introduction, they will have you severelypenalized. Really, you can’t count on more than an 8 if yourpaper doesn’t feature such must-have elements as a conclusion andintroduction, especially if you haven’t provided a clear point ofview in the first paragraph. Therefore, when writing this type ofessay, authors spend much time on preparing and revising theirintroduction as well as conclusion paragraphs, as it reallymatters.

Writing your introduction and thesis

Writing the introduction will be your very first step. You needto write an interesting first sentence, which could bring yourthesis into an active discussion.

You require narrowing down from the larger context to thespecific response to the question that needs to be at the end ofthe first paragraph.

The audience will be undoubtedly willing to have your examplesand reasons previewed. Your introduction is generally expected togive them such an opportunity.

Transitions and opposing perspective

When starting the second paragraph you’d better think of thefirst sentence, referring back to the very first paragraph.

To make a proper transition into your second paragraph you maywrite something like this “in contrast to my perspective. ” Afterthis you require addressing one of the perspectives, which opposeyours. You need to tell why its supporters appear to be wrong.

Your body paragraphs

Have your first example or reason introduced to back theperspective you’re going to discuss.

Using 3-5 sentences, you require explaining your reasoning as tohow this particular perspective actually relates to your ownperspective. For this purpose you can make use of explanations ofyour thinking.

Have your example connected to the thesis. After this you shouldstate that it backs your thesis.

Don’t forget to have your time checked. You need to have about 7minutes left by the very this point.


It’s time to relate your 3-2 examples back to the thesis. If youwish you can add several sentences. Conclude with a restatementof the thesis to get back to your first lines for the purpose ofwrapping up the paper.


In the end you’re expected to have approximately 2-4 minutes.Spend them on reading your newly-written paper. Have all mistakescorrected. Dull words need to be replaced by worthier ones.Ensure your conclusion and introduction state the same thesis.